What Is Left


What happened to the Branch Davidians after the death of David Koresh? A reporter from the Texas Monthly magazine, Michael Hall, paid a visit to Mount Carmel in the spring of 2003, to find out who might still be there.  Near the gate of the property he found a small new chapel tended by Clive Doyle, 62, a preacher who lives in a small double-wide mobile home next to the church.  Doyle had survived the fire, though his hands were badly burned.  He serves a congregation of four other Davidian survivors; he estimates that there are only a dozen or so Davidians left in Texas, and “maybe a hundred in the world.”  He holds his services, or “studies” on Saturdays, sitting in a chair and discussing Bible themes with members and visitors.  He still believes in Koresh’s teachings, especially those related to the seven seals of Revelation, for which he thought Koresh had the essential key.  Both he and his followers expect that David Koresh will be resurrected before the end of time and come back and guide them again.

Walking across the dry and desolate 77-acre Branch Davidian property, Hall found a renovated barn at the opposite end.  Inside there was another Davidian congregation of six people who disavowed Koresh as a prophet and followed instead the teachings of Ben and Lois Roden, themselves also self-proclaimed prophets, now deceased.  The Rodens had preceded Koresh on the property, but he had displaced them.  Charlie Pace, the current leader of this group, with his wife and three children and three grown women still claim the rightful title to the property.  Others as well have disputed Doyle’s claim; but, after a lengthy trial, the court has simply decided that the property belongs to “the church.”  These small groups, who are all Sabbathkeepers, remain and try to focus on the future calamities they all are sure will come.

Before his death, Ben was placed in an insane asylum in Texas; and his wife, Lois, had proclaimed that the Holy Spirit was a woman.

What Is Left Of Mount Carmel? 

My Open Letter To Vance Ferrel of Pilgrim’s Rest:

Dear Brother Ferrel:

A friend and long time Branch Davidian has received your publications each month for years. She noticed that in your December 2010 letter you had printed some misinformation about our Branch Davidian history.  You did not personally investigate the facts for yourself. Nor did you care to find out from the source if the facts were correct. You decided to use an article from the “Texas Monthly Magazine” by Michael Hall who originally had misconstrued the facts in his 8-year-old article entitled “What Is Left Of Mt Carmel”. I am the Charles Pace mentioned inthe article and I have been Pastor/Manager here since 1996 and would like to set the record straight so that you do not continue to bear false witness against New Mt Carmel Center by repeating hear say (heresy).

“What is left of Mt Carmel?”  What the US government did not destroy during and after the 51 day siege against a Christian Community culminating in a fire that destroyed the main living quarters for the 84 men, women, teenagers and children that died during the siege and the numerous others that escaped the fire and who came out during one of the biggest fiascos in law enforcement history! That is what is left!

What did you expect to find here Mr. Hall? A whole Christian Community was demonized by the government through the media, then tortured, slaughtered and burned up by the ATF, FBI and the Delta Force. Once the ATF botched the simple serving of a bogus warrant on February 28, 1993 and participated in the ensuing raid, the FBI was called in for negotiations! The Delta Force was called to use the military equipment, CS gas, machine guns and the use of fire for the final bloody overthrow and fiery destruction of The Davidian Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventist community and headquarters. 

It was not enough to destroy the lives of these men, women and children, but they also burned the building, bulldozed the crime scene and for 9 months sifted the dirt and carried off the evidence in eleven loads of a 14-yard dump truck! And to add insult to injury destroyed our newly renovated 3000-foot water well.

So what was the question again? “What Is Left Of Mt Carmel? Your answer: What the US government, under Bill Clinton wanted to leave as their mark of authority – 84 dead Branch Davidians who were from the United States, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel; 4 ATF officers who died from friendly fire; a bulldozed crime scene which left no evidence to incriminate them! This is how our tax dollars are at work!

Clive Doyle, as of February 28, 2006, no longer lives here or holds meetings here. His compromised health from diabetes and stress caused him to move to an apartment in Waco where he still conducts a worldwide ministry to help the public and fellow believers understand Koresh’s teachings and answer those who want to know what happened during the 51-Day Siege and after math.

New Mt Carmel Center is under the full management of The BRANCH, The LORD Our Righteousness Congregation led by Charles Pace who has been a Branch Davidian since 1973. In 1984, Charles declared to Koresh and followers that they were the apostate movement prophesied by Ellen White that “sets God and Christ as a nonentity” (Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 17, p 30) by rejecting Christ and His Holy Spirit to follow Koresh who claimed to be God in the flesh! 

In Ellen White’s comments on Ezekiel 28, she points out that this chapter would also be fulfilled in our ranks, the Adventist Movement (Manuscript Releases, Vol. 11, p 211) when the LORD says to a man who takes on the spirit of the adversary, “Because thou hast said, I have the mind of God, I sit in the seat of God, and I am God, I will send strangers, the terrible of the nations (Delta Force) to bring you down with the sword!”

I, Charles Pace, declared to Koresh et al that they would be judged by the LORD and receive the Ezekiel 9 slaughter - the slaughter of men, women maids and little children by the five men with slaughter weapons (Delta Force) because they would not sigh and cry for the abominations being done in the church by their leader(s). History shows that the prophecy was fulfilled exactly as written and declared!

Charles Pace has been rebuilding New Mt Carmel Center and restoring true worship of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Since 1996 he maintains the property, church and homes with the others that live there with him. He holds services each Sabbath and on the yearly feasts of the LORD (Lev. 23) and opens the services to Adventists and the public alike. Many people visit the historic site weekly and he and others have been available for tours, interviews, school groups, and even groups of professors from various international universities. There have been several journalists and film crews come to interview Charles for several documentaries to document the restoration and rebuilding of The Branch Davidian Message and Movement. 

Benjamin Roden prophesied, “Christ in our day, in the form of His Truth, His Word, is to be crucified afresh at the hands of His professed people, and that the Truth will be raised to glorious exaltation and victory to the shame of It’s enemies.” (Branch Lesson #3, July 10, 1958, p 8, Benjamin L Roden)

If you and your readers want more information about “What Is Left of Mt Carmel”, go to our website http://www.2branches.info there you will find much information about what Ellen White prophesied “that God has a great work to do in Texas” and how it is part of the Advent Movement(s), for she wrote: “That beautiful prophecy in Zechariah about Him whose name is BRANCH applies with peculiar force in the closing work of the atonement.” Great Controversy, pg 415, Ellen G. White

Sincerely, your fellow servant

Charles J. Pace

PS.  Two other misunderstood facts written by Michael Hall that you published: 


1) Benjamin Roden’s son George was incarcerated not the father who died on October 22, 1978. His son killed a man in self-defense who tried to assassinate him, but because there were no witnesses he pleaded insanity to escape the Texas death penalty!  

2) Lois Roden taught that the Holy Spirit was the feminine member of the Godhead since Romans 1:20 declares we can know the character and attributes of the Godhead through what has been created, especially Adam and Eve, who were made in Their Image and Likeness, male and female! We therefore are left without an excuse that if there be a Father and a Son there must be a Mother! Lois never taught the Holy Spirit was a fleshly woman but the Divine Mother!