Reconciliation Brings Healing

Reconciliation Is Needed Before The LORD Heals Your Condition - Matt 18 Protocol

Brother ______ ,

I have sent you several emails requesting that we meet with one another to reconcile our differences. I have used the Matthew 18 protocol and because you will not acknowledge my request to make things right among us, then I was left no choice but to bring it publicly before the brethren, yes especially those who you lead! I have included the instruction found in "Sons and Daughters of God" or "Branches of Elahim" for today, January 19, that we use as a prayer thought at the "Daily" before we take communion. The Holy Spirit convicted me to send this to you so that you will understand why you have been afflicted with a cancerous tumor in your chest (seat of emotion) and it is pressing on your wind pipe and esophagus robbing you of the breath of life and your daily bread. You are also unable to speak because the nerve that operates your voice is affected as well!

Read the Passage by Ellen White and heed her instruction before you go about searching for a cure. You need to understand the deep  spiritual cause of your disease and admit your sin and repent of it before the Healer can cure your physical body. You need to look at the "Brazen Serpent" as Ben Roden said, before you can be healed!

He is Stronger and More Mighty Than Our Adversary

Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Psalm 24:8.

Christ was strong to save the whole world. He wanted all. He could not endure the thought that one should be lost. He wept at the grave of Lazarus, that He could not save every one whom Satan's power had laid low in death. He had given Himself a ransom for many, even all who would avail themselves of the privilege of coming back to their loyalty to God. . . . When He raised Lazarus from the dead, He knew that for that life He must pay the ransom on the cross of Calvary. Every rescue made was to cause Him the deepest humiliationHe was to taste death for every man. (not just the righteous)

In His life on earth, Christ developed a perfect character, He rendered perfect obedience to His Father's commandments. In coming to the world in human form, in becoming subject to the law, in revealing to men that He bore their sickness, their sorrow, their guilt, He did not become a sinner. Before the Pharisees He could say, "Which of you convinceth me of sin?" Not one stain of sin was found upon Him. He stood before the world the spotless Lamb of God.

From the light of His exalted purity, the world's Redeemer could see that the maladies from which the human family were suffering were brought upon them by transgression of the law of GodEvery case of suffering He could trace back to its source. In every case He read the sad and awful end of unrepenting sinners. He knew that He alone could rescue them from the pit into which they had fallen. He alone could place their feet in the right pathHis perfection alone could avail for their imperfection. He alone could cover their nakedness with His spotless robe of righteousness. . . . He is strong to deliver. Help has been laid on One that is mighty. He encircles man with His long human arm, while with His divine arm He lays hold of Omnipotence. 

                                                                                                - Sons and Daughters of God, EG White, p 26


Audio Message: The Brazen Serpent - A Personal Appeal 

- Please Play While Reading This Section

"The lifting up of the brazen serpent [Num. 21:4-9] was to teach Israel an important lesson. They could not be saved from the fatal effect of the poison in their wounds. God alone was able to heal them. Yet they were required to show their faith in the provision, which He had made. They must look in order to live. It was their faith that was acceptable with God, and by looking upon the serpent their faith was shown. They knew that there was no virtue in the serpent itself, but it was a symbol of Christ (His anointed one); and the necessity of faith in His merits (Christ in the messenger - Moses) was thus presented to their minds. Heretofore many had brought their offerings to God, and had felt that in so doing they made ample atonement for their sins. They did not rely upon the Redeemer to comeof whom these offerings were only a type.(even Christ Himself was a type) The Lord would now teach them that their sacrifices, in themselves, had no more power or virtue than the serpent of brass, but were, like that, to lead their minds to Christ, the great sin offering...

"The Israelites saved their lives by looking upon the uplifted serpent. That look implied faith. They lived because they believed God's word, and trusted in the means provided for their recoverySo the sinner may look to Christ (His anointed)and live. He receives pardon through faith in the atoning sacrifice. Unlike the inert and lifeless symbol, (Christ in His messenger) has power and virtue in Himself to heal the repenting sinner.

"While the sinner cannot save himself, he still has something to do to secure salvation. 'Him that cometh to me,' says Christ, 'I will in no wise cast out' (John 6:37). But we must come to Him; and when we repent of our sins, we must believe that He accepts and pardons us. Faith is the gift of God , but the power to exercise it is ours. Faith is the hand by which the soul takes hold upon the divine offers of grace and mercy....

"Jesus had pledged His word; He will save all who come unto Him. Though millions who need it to be healed will reject His offered mercynot one who trusts in His merits will be left to perish."

                                                                                     - God's Amazing Grace, p 315, E. G. White.

Brother _______, your greatest sin was denying that what took place at New Mt. Carmel Center was the fulfillment of the prophecies given by Ellen G. White (founder of The Seventh-day Adventists), Victor T. Houteff (founder of The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists), and Benjamin L. Roden (founder of The Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists), as presented in the following quotes.

Ellen G. White

"A General Movement Represented. I ask our people to study the twenty-eighth chapter of Ezekiel. The representation here made, while it - refers primarily to Lucifer, the fallen angel, has yet a broader significance. Not one being, but a general movement, is described, and one that we shall witness. A faithful study of this chapter should lead those who are seeking for truth to walk in all the light that God has givento His people, lest they be deceived by the deceptions of these last days (Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 17. p. 30)." - S.D.A. Bible Commentary, Volume 4, Ellen G. White, page 1162.

"Omega to One of the Most Subtle Delusions -- We are now to be on guard, and not drawn away from theall-important message given of God for this time. Satan is not ignorant of the result of trying to define God and Jesus Christ in a spiritualistic way that sets God and Christ as a nonentity. The moments occupied in this kind of science are, in the place of preparing the way of the Lord, making a way for Satan to come in and confuse the minds with mysticisms of his own devising. Although they are dressed up in angel robes they have made our God and our Christ a nonentity. Why? -- because Satan sees the minds are all fitted for his working. Men have lost tract of Christ and the Lord God, and have been obtaining an experience that is Omega to one of the subtlest delusions that will ever captivate the minds of men. We are forbidden to... set the imagination in a train of conjecture. — Diary, #48, pp. 153, 163, Aug. 25 and Aug. 28, 1904." The Manuscript Releases, Volume 11, Ellen White, page 211.

Here is what Benjamin Roden wrote about your healing!

"The Rod prophesied that the Branch (Christ) would bring about revival; and reformation - the great change in the church. Now, since Christ is the Word and the BRANCH is Christ, so then, it is easy to see that theBranch is a message... The sad part is that type reveals that Judah (in the church) will again crucify the BRANCH.  Since the BRANCH is not a person but Christ, Inspiration reveals they crucify Christ by rejecting His message - the BRANCH (SHE). This is what Davidians say:

'...The prophecy of Revelation 11 shows that Christ in our day in the form of His Truth. His Word, is to be crucified afresh at the hands of His professed people and that the Truth will be raised to glorious exaltation and victory and to the shame of its enemies.- The Symbolic Code [Victor T. Houteff], March 1956, Vol. 11 # 5 pp 13, 14." quoted in the Branch Lesson # 3, Benjamin L. Roden, July 10, 1958, p 8.

Doug your private interpretations that will not acknowledge His Truth in the BRANCH Message has caused you to err and sin, thus crucifying the LORD afresh before the world - your website and your Wikipedia writings are truth mixed with error !  You never accepted that the LORD was working through Vernon Howell as David Koresh, nor have you accepted that I was anointed and appointed as the next leader of The BRANCH. 

By you taking on the Denominational name of the General Association of Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists you took on the curse that goes with that cursed name. That was Ben Roden's name for the Movement and he was the anointed President and messenger because he was truly anointed and he had a New Message about The Branch He, and the work He was doing as our High Priest. You need to repent and stop trying to steal Ben Roden's identity as President of General Association of BDSDA. You even confederated with the State through the courts to have them name you because the LORD did NOT APPOINT you to that position, and as the historic facts show, you were denied each and every time!

Why Perish? Repent! Repent! Repent!

Brazen Serpent Lifted Up, Heals


'"And his feet like unto fine brass...' Rev. 1:15 On the metal image of Daniel 2, brass is the third metal - gold, silver, and brass. Therefore, The Branch, being the third division since 1844 is the brazen serpentwhile we are yet in the wilderness (land of the Gentiles). If all who are bitten by the old serpent, the devil, will look upon the Brazen Serpent, the Branch, as did Israel in the days of Moses, they too, will be healed.(The Great Controversy, [Ellen White] 415:3)" -- The Wedding Supper #1, Benjamin L. Roden, Feb. 22, 1960, p 5.

As one can see from Benjamin L. Roden's prophecy, "Since the BRANCH is not a person but Christ. Inspiration reveals they crucify Christ by rejecting His message - the BRANCH." They would, Ellen White says, "define God and Jesus Christ (Yahoshua the Anointed one) in a spiritualistic way that sets God and Christ (anointed one - Joshua) as a nonentity" and obtain "an experience that is Omega to one of the most subtle delusions that will ever captivate the minds of men." 

The greatest abomination that can be perpetrated by a created being is to exalt themselves above their Creator, making God and Christ a nonentity.

Brother_____, your private interpretations against the messenger(s) and message(s) the LORD raised up in the Branch Movement, while attempting to bring all the attention to yourself as the self appointed leader, has caused our LORD to be crucified afresh!  If you claim to be the leadership of BDSDA, then your actions have crucified the LORD afresh! Inspiration said it IS THE LEADERS IN 2 TRIBE JUDAH BDSDA (Benjamin) and DBDSDA (Judah) that reject present truth and crucify the WORD in the BRANCH MESSAGE AFRESH! THIS INCLUDES BOTH DAVID KORESH AND YOU, WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS, RESPECTIVELY!

You have openly and publicly denied both of the men that Lois herself endorsed as each bringing a new message and thereby adopting a new name for their movements, according to the By-Laws of the Association.

Vernon Howell by the life he led, explained the "mystery of iniquity" and he took the new name of Davidian Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists as his denominational name to depict that he receives the dead dead slaughter of Ezekiel 9 as DSDA in 1959 received a spiritual slaughter only. 

Lois said Charles Pace -  the Joshua of today, had a new message about the "mystery of godliness" and the impartation of the righteousness of Christ, the loud cry of the 7th Angel the Holy Spirit Daughter. His experience in receiving the garment change first (1TG8) was indicated by his naming the Movement, The Branch, The LORD Our Righteousness.

With a new message must come a NEW NAME! You used the old name just as the self appointed vice presidents of the DSDA have done, which makes them presidents of vice!

Brother ______ , you have been bitten, and consequently have caused others to be bitten by that old serpent the devil through your false teachings.  ALL MUST look upon the Brazen Serpent, the Branch Message Lifted High Upon a Rod or Pole, and see that the withered pole with the graven image of a poisonous snake is for your deliveranceAll who would not accept God's authorized leader(s) were bitten by the negative comments of those around them who were in rebellion with God and would NOT come under His appointed leader Moses.

And today we are asked to be delivered from our wicked self the man of sin by looking at the Brazen Serpent, the Branch Davidian Message(s) and Movement(s), the Corporate Body of Christ the Branch, crucified afresh by His own professed leaders, including you and I, because CHRIST the WORD, through His corporate body, Davidian Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists, would take the Ezekiel 9 slaughter for the rest of the corporate bodies that are claiming to be following Him, but have setup their own man-made gospel program as you have with your cyber church.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

God ordained that the Headquarters of the Branch Movement was to be New Mt Carmel Center in Waco TX, where His anointed president and vicegerent lives, and, with his wife has established the true protestant parsonage as all previous reformers and prophets since Luther and his wife have maintained.

Do you want to be healed? Then repent and stop crucifying your LORD afresh because He is no longer atoning for your sins and He is about to spew you out of His body as He will any Laodicean (SDA, D SDA, BD SDA or DBD SDA) who continues to identify themselves with the cursed denominational name! Be zealous therefore and REPENT. Buy of me gold tried in the fire - pure unadulterated truth with no private interpretation, eye salve so you can see - what the Spirit is saying, and finally the robe of Christ's righteousness not your self righteousness!

If you will humble yourself and do these things, and reconcile with your Branch brethren, then you will be healed, because the LORD will raise you from the dead to newness of life. We are all truly dead in trespasses and sins. 

Now, that your poisoned thoughts and emotions towards your brothers have manifested from the spiritual, to the emotional and now finally into the physical, your only hope to live is to bring yourself before the LORD and confess your sins and be reconciled and delivered. 

And if you do not then you are not looking at the brazen serpent, the man whose name is branch, supported by the rod message (1TG 8) as the means by which you will be healed from the poisoned understanding that old serpent the devil has bitten you, and your followers with. 

Yes you will all die, but would it not be better to die to self and forsake this war you have had against the LORD Himself. We all have had to wrestle like Jacob did with the Angel, the LORD Himself. Stop resisting and let Him bless you!

You may call me if you have any questions!

Peace and Blessings

your fellow servant

joshua ben david

254 - 716-5859

Part 2

Reconciliation Is Needed Before The LORD Heals Your Condition - Matt 18 Protocol

Dear Brother and Sister, 

Yes I agree, my demeanor is very straight forward and unappealing, but thank the Lords, what I said, in whatever manner conveyed, or received, is the Straight Testimony of the True Witness.  IT IS SO CUTTING AND SO SEVERE, IT MUST BE TRUE. 

Most of you have no idea about the past events that transpired within the Branch church and movement, and therefore, would not have experienced or would not have known what has transpired in the past through the misinterpretation and the claims of self-appointed leaders! I have! I have been a true witness and the subject and object of most of the past anger and hatred in the movement. But, I am willing to forgive and reconcile so that we as a body of believers no longer carry this burden of bitterness and anger that all may be healed! Or did you not understand what was being offered in the guise of tough love? And yes, it is offered to whosoever will accept what the Spirit is saying to the churches!

I am a Naturpathic Doctor and an ordained minister.  I believe I do understand the cause of dis-ease and how it is to be remedied. Most cultivated dis-ease is created in the heart and mind of the individual, at the seat of Mercy, if you will. If the Spirit of Elahim, the Spirit of Truth is not seated on the throne of your heart and mind, then another spirit has been allowed to sit and control the soul! We have all been born with the spirit of self reigning our hearts and minds and causing us to believe in lies and falsehoods, through our self and private interpretations. 

It is only when we are repentant and born again that the Spirit of Truth and Love can reign in our hearts, but only if we allow Her! The Spirit of Truth is the Healer of our soul - spirit, mind and body.  But She must have Supreme Authority over our body temple. Our body is not our own because Yehoshua bought it with the price He paid, His physical death! His spiritual death paid for our deserved eternal second death! Why was Christ raised from a physical death and healed of all physical trauma He took upon Himself for us? Because He also died a spiritual death, the eternal second death when He said, 

"It is finished, Father into your hands I give my Spirit." And He bowed His head and gave up the Holy Ghost! He gave up the One Who sat on the Mercy Seat of His Heart, His Beloved! How was He healed and raised from the dead? The Father received His Spirit and a body was given Her, and He authorized His Spirit Daughter, the Power of Resurrection and Life to quicken the Son, as She breathed into Him the breath of Life.  Thus, the Second Adam became a living soul, and the grave and death could NOT hold Him! This is how we are healed and given eternal Life!

Please do not misunderstand my motives because I have had to speak out publicly to show how we are all bound together as the Body of Christ and when we do not discern our connection spiritually, emotionally and physically through the sacrament of communion we affect the whole Body of Christ by our unbelief and our action. Yes, we are our brother's keeper! Sometimes it takes tough love to help a brother or sister see how they are coming against the very Truth and Message of the Branch He and She. Hopefully, this tough love will cause them to see their misinterpretations and repent, and consequently remove the spiritual curse of their own actions and free themselves from this cancerous dis-ease eating up the Body of Christ, both individually and corporately. It does not just affect the individual, but the whole Body of Christ!

Do you think the Lord enjoys using tough love on us? As a doctor (teacher) and minister (spiritual servant) I see this as the only way to help the individual cure themselves and be delivered from the spirit of self righteousness and be purified and preserved to be used of God as Saul was. Before Saul was converted, thought he was doing God's will in hunting down and killing the followers of Yahoshua, until He came in face to face contact with His Glory, His anointed Presence, and, was blinded by the Light! When the scales of the serpent fell from his eyes, he no longer saw Christ as the enemy, as Jacob did while wrestling with the Angel, but He saw Him as His LORD and Master!

You all may want to reprimand me for being so bold and outright! At the cost of being misunderstood, I do not mind being the scapegoat. I do have a right to tell my long time brother to stop and reassess what he has been doing for so long because he himself has created this condition, and if he continues fighting and wrestling with the LORD Himself, then he will surely perish.  Yahoshua said, we are to love our enemy.  We all need to be willing to reconcile even if our brother or sister is unwilling to forsake bitterness and unfounded hatred towards you and the work of God?

I do not know you all, but if you want the best for your brother or sister, I suggest that you spend your time praying that they like Saul and Jacob repent and have their name and reputation changed among the Body of Christ. We should be willing to put away our difference for the sake of the Truth and for the sake of harmony among the brethren, the Body of Christ! The question here, and always will been, are we willing to repent, and stop accusing the brethren and have the scales of the serpent fall from our eyes? 

Do we want Our Sovereign LORD to reign over His body temple by allowing the Spirit of Truth, the Presence of the Living God, fill our heart with Truth and Love for our LORD and His body of believers, our brethren. That is why I am doing this, yes even in a public setting, to draw us ALL into unity and Truth which in itself is healing for the body, yes my body, your body, but most of all, Christ's Body since He bought ALL our bodies with the same price, His body. Yes, individually and corporately we are the Body of Christ.

How can you take the "daily" communion, and not discern the Body of Christ! If you do not know and  acknowledge who the Body of Christ is, you eat and drink to your own damnation. And this is WHY there are many that become sick among us and die. 

As a doctor and a minister I believe the communion emblems are the "meal that heals". Why? Because, if you eat it unworthily not discerning the body, you will get sick and even die! Therefore, if you eat it worthily you become healthy and live - translated without death!

What does it really mean to not discern the body, even though you partake of the emblems? We all know that the emblems represent the Body and Blood of Christ, but do we realize that they represent our individual body, and collectively, the corporate Body of Christ too? Are we seeing that everybody the LORD died for, He purchased their body temple with the price of His own physical death? And when we eat the bread we remember His death or the purchase of everybody's body. And that is everybody that ever lived and ever will live!! 

Anyone that thinks my counsel is too harsh must remember that I am the body of Christ, you are the body of Christ and we All are the Body of Christ, collectively!  I desire to be one with Christ, which means I have to be in unity with my enemy and those that despitefully use me. We must come into unity with one another.  And if one of us is sick, that makes me and you or the Corporate Body sick! 

So you see, discerning the body takes on a whole new and more profound meaning especially if we are keeping the "daily" and partaking of the emblems. But, are we, the corporate Body of Christ, eating and drinking to our own damnation, and therefore, are finding there are those among us that are sick and dying? 

As a doctor I no longer try to heal the physical or emotional problems my clients have.  I rather minister to them with the gospel and break down the strongholds demons have built up in their minds and hearts. I do not wrestle with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers in high places, the seat and battlefield of the mind! "As a man thinks, so is he." 

I fight with a spiritual arsenal not physical therapies and come against the adversary of the soul with "It is written!"  And, "Thus says the LORD!" I help them overcome the adversary of their souls that keeps them in bondage through the lies, the private or self-interpretation they wish to believe. 

I get right to the natural cause of their dis-ease. It is usually the familiar spirit of self that is ruling the heart instead of the Spirit of Agape' Love, the Holy Spirit of Truth! And they remain in bondage to that familiar spirit through self-interpretation, private interpretation, because the Spirit of Truth has been dethroned by the spirit of self.

Some are healed if they are willing to crucify self instead of Christ, and come under the Spirit's healing program, the "daily" partaking of the communion, "the meal that heals". We must discern that our individual bodies make up the corporate Body of Christ and in order to keep all healthy and operating without sickness we all must be One in Spirit, One in Faith, One in Truth and One Body under One LORD. 

Consequently, if one desires to be healed, especially, if he is eating and drinking the emblems "daily", then he must eat and drink with discernment! Therefore, he/we must eat and drink knowing that Christ died for everybody, and that every body belongs to Him. Then, He will put His Spirit within us and cause us or compel us to walk in His ways and keep His statutes and judgments if we truly are listening to Her small still voice saying "This is the Way walk ye in It!"

I am sorry to have dragged you all into this spiritual mess that has been going on for over 30 years! Yes, 30 years of accusation after accusation and bitterness! But, it is time we all come into unity for the sake of the LORDS' good Name and reputation.  Branch Davidians have the world watching them like we live in a fish bowl!  They/We will know we are Branches by our love for one another!

We are eating and drinking "daily" of the emblems without discerning the body of Christ whose body we are. Is it any wonder that we are getting sick and die, individually, and as a church, because of this falsehood, bitterness and hypocrisy we keep in our heart when we refuse to reconcile with one another? We have turned the daily sacrament of communion into an empty ritual.  Some have even declared it to be a test of fellowship! LORD have mercy on us!

Our remedy of course is the righteousness of Christ. What Would Jesus Do? What Did Yahoshua Do To Jacob and Saul after they CONFESSED THEIR SIN? That is what the LORD will do for anyone who will forsake their self righteousness and repent.  

I am a part of everyone's healing because I must forgive and be forgiven, or we will all become sick and die from eating and drinking the "daily" unworthily.  We can not fool the Spirit of Truth, She knows and sees our hearts and what we are doing to one another! 

The LORD says that He has reconciled us unto the Father, but if we will not reconcile with one another, then, we are NOT reconciled to the Father. In other words, Yahoshua forgave us and died in our stead, therefore, the Father has forgiven us. 

But, if we cannot and will not forgive one another, the Father nor the Son will forgive us and They will take Their Holy Spirit, our breath from us and we will die! 




your fellow servant

joshua ben david

254 - 716-5859