Come To Steal Our Land

New Mount Carmel Center


Recently we have learned that the TXDOT or the Texas Department of Transportation has planned to build the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), right through our New Mount Carmel property. The way it was drawn on the aerial map it looks very suspicious that the whole, which from what I have been told has been in the works since the 1980's. This means that Mount Carmel and the Branch Davidian Church had been targeted even before the planned raid of Feb 28, 1993.

Yes, it sounds hard to believe that our government would target such an insignificant group of people and destroy their place of worship, their home and their source of water, and for what reason? Well, some research of the history of that strategic piece of real estate will open up many reasons why the 51 day siege that began February 28, 1993 and ended April 19, 1993 with a massacre of the community of people living there, a fire that destroyed the whole complex and finally a destruction of the perfectly working well found on this sacred and holy ground. To Branch Davidians the 77.8 acres is holy and sacred because they believe the LORD has placed His Name on the land. The BRANCH (Isaiah 11:1; Zechariah 3 and 6; Jeremiah 23:5,6; 33:15, 16), in Hebrew is Tzemach and means sprout, son or daughter. It is the name of the Son of YHWH. The name David in Hebrew means Beloved. Consequently, the name Branch Davidians means Sons and Daughters of the Beloved or Beloved Sons and Daughters. The Church at New Mount Carmel bares the name The BRANCH, The LORD (YHVH) Our Righteousness - The Son and/or Daughter of Yah Veh, The Masters of Our Righteousness.

Geyser On Dav-Indian Holy Grounds In Huaco


The sacred history of the New Mount Carmel property goes as far back as the native Indians of this area, the Huaco Indians. They lived in a community along the Brazos De Dios River (The Arms or Branches of God) and we believe they held the New Mount Carmel area as a place of worship, a sacred holy site because of the geyser once located on the property. At the geyser they worshipped the Spirit of the Living Waters, a Feminine Spirit that gave healing and restoration from the mineral rich waters that flowed out of the ground.

There were many geysers and springs in the Waco area such as the ones found at Indian Springs Park on the bank of the Brazos near Franklin Street, and the one that The ALICO Building was built over. Both these geysers were capped or covered over. The ALICO Building was at one time heated by the 130 degree Farhenheit water that flowed upward from the deep underground river or branch.  There were so many geysers and underground streams or branches that Waco was called "Geyser City" and had the reputation of having the most geysers of any city in the world. 


Steve Austin was obsessed with inhabiting the Waco area and using the cultivated lands of the native Indians for his own enterprise. His desire to take over the indian lands was backed by the government. We believe that in order for Steve Austin to acquire the sacred lands of the Huaco Indians along the Brazos River (the site known as Indian Springs Park and upland north at the New Mount Carmel area) the Indians had to be forced off their sacred grounds where they worshipped the Spirit of the Waters. Consequently, Austin had the Indians massacred and their villages burned. And so that they would not return and ever pose a threat again, the geysers where they worshipped were plugged up at Indian Springs Park and at New Mount Carmel.

History Repeats Itself When We Do Not Learn It's Lesson

Today's Steve Austin

History has repeated itself. We have a government that came to the same area (site) and massacred and burned up the spiritual community here at New Mount Carmel. The FBI would not allow the fire trucks to come in and put the fire out! They let it burn to the ground. And to add insult to injury the well that was the water source here was destroyed the week after the April 19, 1993 fire when the government bulldozed the crime scene to destroy any evidence of their unlawful actions.

Just as the Huaco Indians were massacred and burned out, the Branch Davidian community was also massacred and burned out. We too worship the Holy Spirit as a Feminine Member of the Godhead. Lois Roden, who was one half Cherokee by birth called her ministry here at New Mount Carmel, Living Waters Branch, which translates to Living Waters Daughter or Feminine Spirit.

As we said earlier, this New Mount Carmel site was designated to have a 12 lane highway called the Trans Texas Corridor built right over the property and coincidentally right within our property lines. This had to be premeditated by a modern day Steve Austin et. al., Governor Perry et. al., but this time it is not the native Indians that will suffer having their land stolen by the law of eminent domain, but Native Texans who are in the path of the US Government.


WACO stood for "WAin't Comin' Out" during the 51 Day Seige here at New Mount Carmel. This time it is not just the Branch Davidians and their land at stake but thousands of people and thousands of acres that are in the path of the US Government and Globalists. Yes, what David Koresh and his followers fought for while everyone watched are the same rights we all must fight for or we too will be massacred and burned out like the native Indians and the Branch Davidians. Koresh believed he was fighting against the One World Order. Will you sit and watch this time or will you stand up and be counted?

Stand for your God-given right to inherit and hold on to the land 

that was past down to you by your ancestors!

Forget the Alamo, Remember Waco!


WACO Stands For - We Are Coming Out!