Waco: A New Revelation - Both Spiritual & Political


Part 1 - The Spiritual Revelation


Part 2 - The Political Revelation



“Waco” – One of those things that (it seems) EVERY one remembers seeing on television and scratches their head wondering why this really happened to this American Christian Community.

It sticks in our minds – even if we were only a child when it happened back in 1993. (Has it been that long ago?) So what was it really all about? And (more importantly): 

WHY did it have to happen? 

Let’s connect the events that transpired even years before, during and after the 51-day torture and siege to try to find out the TRUTH in ALL that happened and to see who were responsible for such a tragedy and heinous crime against humanity and the innocent children.

 What happened on those fateful days?

February 28, 1993


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) stormed the Branch Davidian 7th Day Adventist property with a heavily armed force of 80 men and women (in addition to snipers and 3 attack helicopters), ostensibly merely to serve a warrant on David Koresh. Instead, a gun battle ensued, leaving four ATF agents dead, sixteen ATF agents wounded, and six Branch Davidians dead and four wounded (including David Koresh).  Many question: If they only wanted to serve a warrant on David Koresh, why didn’t they do it simply, when he went for his routine jog, or went shopping in town?

 April 19, 1993


After a 51-day torture and siege (during which 35 New Mt. Carmel residents exited, and during which the FBI and Hostage Rescue Team took over from the ATF, and in the midst of negotiations for the remaining Mt. Carmel residents to exit peacefully), the FBI attacked, demolishing the buildings and inserting deadly CS gas.

A fire ensued, and the entire complex and most of it’s residents were burned up, including seventy six Branch Davidians (nineteen men, thirty-four women, and twenty-three children – of which two were babies who were still in their mothers’ wombs, spontaneously birthed into the fire). According to FLIR (forward-looking infrared resonance) photography, apparently some of the dead were machine-gunned down as they tried to exit the rear of the burning complex. The conflagration seared that fateful day into the minds of perhaps billions the world over.

Why did Waco happen? 

Why did these people have to die, and this place burn to the ground?


Part 1 - The Spiritual Revelation

Many want to blame the government for killing these people, and others want to blame Koresh for hiding behind his congregation and the children, but the TRUTH of the matter is that they were both at fault. Very simply, both sides played God. Not only did David Koresh claim to sit in the seat of God, but in the way the government acted they too acted as if they were God in judging who should live and who should die, without due process of the law. Yes, Koresh claimed to be the Lamb of Revelation 5:6, the only one who could open the book; the lamb, which has 7 eyes, 7 horns, and is the 7 spirits (complete Spirit) of God, the Other Comforter, sent forth into the earth to lead us into all Truth, convict us of sin, and testify of Yahshua.

    In Ezekiel 28, the Lord says to this man: “Because thou hast said ‘I have the mind of God, I sit in the seat of God and I am God,” I the Lord will send strangers, the terrible of the nations (Delta Force) to bring you down with the sword… we will see how much of a God you are in the hands of those that slay you; you are not a God you are just a man.” - Ezekiel 28

The Lord brought terrible judgment on Koresh and his followers through the ATF, FBI, and the Delta Force, the most elite commandos in the world today. Koresh and his followers did not stand a chance in the hands of these trained and licensed assassins. In Ezekiel 28, the Lord says He will kindle a fire in the midst and destroy this apostate headquarters before the nations and all will see the folly of this man who wanted to sit in the seat of God. All must agree, Koresh received the judgment of God (1 Peter 4:17). He was an example to all men who would think to sit in the seat of God, and exalt self above their Creator will reap the same fate.

In Ezekiel Chapter 9, it says that those who are not sighing and crying for the abominations perpetrated by the leaders of the church, will be utterly slaughtered, men, women, maids, and little children by those that have the slaughter weapons in their hands (the Delta Force). The Waco War was a fulfillment of this prophecy to the Davidian Branch Davidian Church with Koresh as the leader.

From this tragedy, we understand two things: 1) We have a government that has gone awry - a breakdown of liberty and democracy in America with evidence of crimes and cover-up. 2)That the Lord is here in Judgment – to judge the denominations and the nations.

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Part 2 - The Political Revelation



President Bill Clinton gave the order to the Delta Force to be present at the Branch Davidian Church Site to take Koresh down. Why was such an order given by the President? The answer lies in the events that tied Clinton and Koresh together. When one looks at all the videos and documentaries produced about President Clinton and also David Koresh, you begin to see a connection. Let me connect the events together for you so you can make your own conclusions.

First, I will direct you to watch the “Clinton Chronicles” – Revised and Updated version which chronicles Clinton’s 11 years as governor of Arkansas and the crimes he committed while serving his office.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEhzdZvQ1WM


In this revealing documentary you will discover that Bill Clinton was flying guns down to Columbia and bringing cocaine back to Mena, Arkansas from where he distributed it to the streets of America through the gangs he recruited. He was laundering over $100 million a month through his various government programs in Arkansas. In order for Clinton to get away with his enterprise he had to have law enforcement look the other way, especially the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). You will note, from the Clinton Chronicles, that law enforcement tried very hard to investigate and convict the Clintons for their evil and sinister behavior, at the expense of US taxpayers. Bill Clinton, nicknamed “Slick Willy,” was known as a pathological liar and had no remorse for his shenanigans.


On August 28, 1992 Clinton and Gore came to Trading House Lake Power Plants about 2 miles away from Mt. Carmel allegedly to campaign the 25–30 employees. While there Clinton met with the Waco District Attorney, Sheriff, Police, and Texas Rangers and took them to the top of the plants where they had an unobstructed view of Mt. Carmel and a local airport that was probably a drop off point for the cocaine. Clinton told these officials that he wanted Koresh investigated.

In “Day 51, The True Story of Waco,” another must see video on 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3CGyH5ftdE 

Wallace Kennett, a young man that lived with Koresh, makes a bold statement that ties Clinton and the BATF together and possibly, why Clinton had Koresh investigated and raided by the BATF. Wally stated that Koresh’s computer techs hacked into the BATF main frame for years and found out what was going to be done with the guns and ammo confiscated from the Iraqis when they surrendered to US troops outside of Kuwait in 1992. The guns were brought to Fort Seal, OK and would be under BATF control. From here the unregistered guns would be distributed to street gangs throughout the US that were recruited as a standing mercenary police force to bypass local police and the US Army when martial law  invoked on the US citizenry. The US Army and police officers take an oath before God  country to protect American citizens from foreign and domestic enemies. Koresh wanted to buy some of the guns but found out he got more than he bargained for running into Bill Clinton’s mafia of corruption and greed. The only one that can give the Delta Force orders is the Commander-In-Chief, the President was just inaugurated on January 20, 1993 and had his henchmen of the BATF raid Koresh and then the Delta Force to finish them off. Did Clinton diabolically wait for this moment?

In the documentary, “Waco: A New Revelation,” 

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/Xr9pQ1pIbiU at 1:05:52 into the video

Delta Force officers who were at Mt. Carmel, testify that they were ordered from Washington to fire at the Branch Davidians and to take Koresh down. The Delta Force were actually in the building about 6 feet from Koresh during the last week of the siege and were told NOT to take him dead or alive. Bill and Hillary Clinton devised another plan to rid themselves of any possibility that the information Koresh obtained about the Clinton Cartel would NOT get out to the public. They were ordered to destroy any evidence, especially the computers and anyone that might know of the hacked information obtained from the BATF computer. Koresh and followers must die and the fire was used to destroy the evidence.

Pat Robertson Comments On The Clintons Involvement At Waco


How Does It Relate To The Branch Davidians?

Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative and pundit. A veteran of nine national presidential campaigns, he served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents. An outspoken libertarian, he is the author of the New York Times bestseller “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ” and has written for Fox Opinion, Breitbart News, StoneZone.com, the Daily Caller and the Op-Ed page of the New York Times. A well-known voice in politics for over forty years, Roger Stone often gives insights on behind-the-scenes political agendas on Fox News and InfoWars and has been banned by CNN and MSNBC for his outspoken and politically in correct criticism of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Follow him at StoneColdTruth.Com

Clintons'War 1.jpeg


"Hillary was the shot-caller who made the tough decisions. It’s been said that on April 19, 1993, the Clinton administration was responsible for the deaths of seventy-six members of the Branch Davidian religious group. The Clintons used the forces of the federal government to murder these innocent people right before the eyes of the nation. In the 1999 documentary Waco: A New Revelation, film director Michael McNulty told what House of Representatives investigator T. March Bell found out about who really ordered the final murderous assault on the Branch Davidians: “One of the interesting things that happens in an investigation is that you get anonymous phone calls. And we in fact received anonymous phone calls from Justice Department managers and attorneys who believe that pressure was placed on Janet Reno by Webb Hubbell, and pressure that came from the first lady of the United States.” page 319 

Bell later told Newsmax.com that phone logs proved Hillary, Deputy White House Council Vince Foster, and Associate Attorney General Hubbell were coordinating the White House response to the Waco crisis, the U.S. government siege of the Branch Davidians home at Mount Carmel. “Those phone logs were Webb Hubbell’s phone logs. There were calls from the first lady and Vince Foster to Webb Hubbell’s office.” page 320 

This was all reported in an AFPN article in 2001: “Bell said Mrs. Clinton grew more and more impatient as the Waco standoff came to dominate the headlines during the early months of the Clinton administration. It was she, Bell’s source claims, who pressured a reluctant Janet Reno to act. Reno, on the other hand, was not enthusiastic about launching the assault, said Bell. ‘Give me a reason not to do this,’ [Reno] is said to have begged aides.” Reno was ordered to go ahead with the murderous tank and CS gas assault that resulted in seventy-six Branch Davidians, men, women, children, and babies being crushed, asphyxiated, or burned-up in an inferno. Whether the Branch Davidians played a role in starting those fires as a desperate defense mechanism matters not; it was Hillary Clinton who forced the issue and who should be held responsible for the murders. Vince Foster was greatly disturbed by the tragedy and deaths. “A special bulletin came on showing the atrocity at Waco and the [dead] children. And his face turned white, and he was absolutely crushed knowing, knowing the part he had played,” said Linda Tripp, who worked in the White House Counsel’s Office." page 321


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Waco Murder

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