The Davidian Dilemma

The Davidian Dilemma: Relocation To Waco?

There are various opinions in Davidia today as to where the Head Quarters of the Movement should be located. This of course is a very important subject because according to the By-Laws set forth by God through His vicegerent Victor Houteff. While he was alive and operating from the Lord's Storehouse of Present Truth, Head Quarters at Mount Carmel in Waco Texas, the members sent their tithes (1 and 2) and offerings to support the work of God! God can not bless His work and ministry unless they are adhering to the gospel plan outlined for His church as recorded in the Leviticus. No one has any right to change any of the By-Laws to suite their man-made gospel program(s). It is better to wait on the Lord than to go ahead and create a cursed thing bringing confusion in the ranks of the Lord's ministry and resulting in No Fruit like that of the barren Fig Tree.

DSDA - The Withered Fig Tree 


Oh yes, you may think you are blessed by the increase of your numbers and a full treasury, but that is not the fruit the LORD wants, He already owns everything! He wants to own your soul! The fruit He wants to see is a meek and quiet spirit willing to do all that the Spirit asks of you. He wants us to produce the fruit of righteousness through the indwelling of His Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Prophecy. Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Sovereign King wants us to bear His righteousness. He wants us to do what He would do in our situation. He wants us to have His mind to do as His Spirit says to us, "This is the Way, walk ye in it." 

Our Sovereign LORD does not want us to develop our own gospel program and interpret His By-Laws to suite our preconceived ideas, habits and practices. We need to take stock and see if what we are doing is truly what He has planned for us as believers, or that because of our impatience and our private interpretations we have created our own plan and wonder why there is disunity and debate, confusion and rivalry among God's people and find that we have divided the Corporate Body of Christ even more than it was when we became believers. This is the dilemma that has cursed the unity of the Lord's Corporate Body and keeps the True Revival, Reformation and Reorganization from happening so that the work of Deliverance can go forward with power and force against the Enemy of our souls!

I have put together a video study accompanied by an audio study that emphasises this Davidian Dilemma and I give the Lord's remedy for the problem that keeps us from receiving His True Blessings. Please prayerfully watch and listen to what the Spirit is attempting to bring to our understanding so we can choose to walk in the path the Spirit order and ordains for us to walk in. Remember, God's ways are not our ways! We are told by Inspiration that the last moves of God will be contrary to human devising. That means they will be contrary to your preconceived ideas and practices. Completely opposite to the way our human nature would even begin to know and understand. That is why the Straight Testimony of the True witness TO the Laodiceans is So Cutting and So SEVERE, it must be TRUE. It will catch ALL LAODICEANS - SDA, D SDA, and BD SDA off guard in order that the LORD Judge His Father's House. We want to claim we belong to the House of God, but we do not want to be the first to feel His Judgments. You can not have one without the other!

When watching and listening to these studies, please do not attack the character, voice, pronunciation of words, etc., etc., but listen to what the Spirit is trying to lay on your hearts and minds to deliver you from the bondage you are under! Yes, we all are under the yoke of the Assyrian; English speaking Protestant Nations and Denominations. They will not allow you to teach about Christ and the Holy Spirit nor will they allow you to speak against falsehoods because we must all be politically, not Biblically correct, or you will be prosecuted! If you do not believe me, try speaking publically at church or at work about how Scripture is against same sex marriage. Let me know what the Assyrian says and does to you!

Mt. Carmel: Sell The Old To Buy The New

This Is An Audio Study On Relocation of HeadQuarters To Waco, Texas

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